Private Investors

Many individual investors are not content to leave the management of their equity and fixed-income portfolios in an often high cost managed-money discretionary account. This is all the more understanding when one looks at the annual performance of many such managed accounts and realizes that they frequently fail to keep up with the general stock market performance.

Blue Square specializes in guiding private individual investors who seek to grow their capital at superior rates without the need to take on unacceptable risks. Each new individual client soon comes to appreciate that his dedicated Blue Square Investment Adviser is clearly focused on his/her particular circumstances, investing temperament, needs and investment objectives.

The Pursuit of Capital Gain

A large proportion of private investors are quite naturally focused on achieving above-average capital growth through the judicious selection of Emerging Growth and Special Situation opportunities that represent strong potential to do much better than merely keep up with the general stock market. Considering that the general market in the U.S., as represented by the S&P 500, is at a lower level in 2011 than it was in 2001, clearly it is imperative that every aggressive-growth investor outperforms the general market significantly if long term wealth accumulation is to be achieved. Meticulous research by Blue Square research, [Link to Research and Analysis page] coupled with global market intelligence through a network built up over considerable time allows us to occasionally present extraordinary, actionable investment ideas in a timely manner in order to pinpoint opportunities for superior capital gain potential.

Temperament and the Psychology of Investing

No two people have the exact same temperament and psychological make-up. Some investors can’t resist acting upon a tip – often from a total stranger such as a cab driver – while others cannot abide undue risk no matter how enticing the tip might sound. With a Blue Square Investment Adviser, each client knows that he is building a relationship of trust; one in which his personal temperament and investment goals are at the core of that working relationship.
Supported by the highest caliber of investment research & Analysis, and accompanied by a depth of timely market intelligence, every Blue Square Investment Adviser is trained and equipped to work closely with his/her client in managing temperament and risk tolerance as well as managing wealth generating strategies.

An interested investor is a better investor

Private investors as a group are generally more interested in finance and stock market activity than the person who pays someone else to manage his/her investments. Therefore, being more knowledgeable and better attuned to stock market activity than many, the private investor, as it so happens, is often quicker to recognize an attractive opportunity such as an undervalued “special situation” or an emerging growth situation. This explains why many of the most successful investors are those who, when working with a qualified Investment Adviser, make their own investment decisions.