Client Services

CLIENT SERVICES: Through which Superior Success is More Than Possible

Blue Square prides itself on being able to provide the highest standard of personalized investment services to its ever-growing clientele. Our success is wholly dependent upon the degree to which our clients succeed in growing their capital. Whether a client’s net worth is $10,000 or $10 million, the same level of professional, personalized service is the strong foundation of our ongoing relationship in the pursuit of investment success.

The Macro View

Major developments – whether they be political, economic or industrial – that are relevant to our investment stance in general, or relate to particular industry or corporate investments specifically, are highlighted for our clients in our monthly Blue Square Dispatch, our monthly compendium of changing trends, important developments and timely investment discoveries. Global news headlines and stock market activity around the globe in real time are provided on the Home page of this website.

Portfolio Guidance

Just as the global investment environment is subject to significant change, so too are the circumstances and investment objectives of every individual subject to changes over time. Income levels, age, marital status, retirement, inheritances, business start-ups and many other changes in any investor’s life often require that one’s investment program be modified to appropriately reflect any such change. An individual’s investment portfolio must routinely be reviewed and, often, rebalanced in order to remain aligned with individual circumstances as well as prevailing investment trends. With wealth preservation as a cornerstone for many portfolios, individual temperament and investment objectives will determine the appropriate balance of fixed-income securities, dividend-paying stocks, and equities – both blue chip and emerging growth – suitable for the individual.

Select IPO Opportunities

Corporate Finance and Research staff routinely investigates proposals by new venture companies requiring equity financing and sponsorship in taking their new businesses public. Most such candidates are dismissed following our in-depth research into their business model, their management, and their industry strengths; too often, weaknesses in their business plans preclude Blue Square from being involved. However, when such an emerging growth prospect does measure up in term of our stringent risk/reward parameters, we naturally proceed in assisting the company with its IPO endeavors – such decisions to sponsor a new venture are always based upon the perceived growth potential that a given situation represents for our valued clients.