Blue Square Group fosters corporate growth by constantly seeking out individuals who possess the intellect, the knowledge, the desire, and the ambition to climb to the highest levels of responsibility in a fast growing international investment firm.

In addition to requisite education and a commitment to teamwork that focuses solely upon achieving superior wealth-creation services for all Blue Square’s valued clients, applicants must possess a strong desire for personal development and business advancement through hard work and unquestionable integrity. The Blue Square Group’s hiring and training policies accentuate personal development through unparalleled client services and diligence in all facets of investment management and guidance.


Every new employee at Blue Square Group will become a member of a professional team of focused individuals who pride themselves on BSG’s corporate-wide ability to deliver leading edge research and market intelligence that achieves our founding corporate objective: Superior wealth-creation ideas and expert execution of every transaction for our valued clients.

If you are a goal-oriented individual who seeks the rewards commensurate with above average levels of business achievement and wish to explore the possibilities with us, please forward details of your education and business background, as well as relevant personal information including career objectives, to Blue Square Group via the Contact Us page. Be sure to include the type of position and career path that you seek; whether it concerns a position in Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Investment Research and Analysis, Professional Trading or fulfilling the important frontline role of a Blue Square Investor Advisor, we would like to hear from you.